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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Project Description

The new building comprises among others a large auditorium, lecture halls, library, classrooms, a large hall for visa applicants and office space. The building accommodates a number of shared facilities e.g. a cafeteria and prayer rooms.

The site is unique, oriented towards the big lush park space with the two monuments: Nasseriyah Gate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The new building will correspond and contribute positively with its well-defined architecture to the area.

Elaborated facades will make the large building vary vividly when passing by, and like looking through a veil, one will sense the life and activities within the building.

When entering, the architecture of the building is expressive and easily conceivable. All the larger facilities for the Consular Affairs Department and the Institute of Diplomatic Studies are located in a large room stepping upward (the stepped oasis).

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